EACCME® participant’s evaluation form

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1. Quality of the event:
How useful for your professional activity did you find this event?*
If this activity was not useful, please explain why:
What was your overall impression of this event?*

2. Relevance of the event:
Did the event fulfil your educational goals and expected learning outcomes?*
Was the presented information well balanced and consistently supported by a valid scientific evidence base?*

How useful to you personally was each session?
Personalized diagnostics for advanced treatment of lung cancer
Changing face of lung cancer - How to manage?
Interventional bronchoscopy and surgery in thoracic tuberculosis
Pneumothorax - Current insights and trends in management
WABIP-EABIP symposium: Therapeutic bronchoscopy
Deeper into the lung with bronchoscope
From phenotyping to management of malignant pleural effusion
Solitary pulmonary nodule - Armamentarium for therapeutic challenges
Cost in interventional pulmonology- An issue around the world
Rational use of medications in bronchoscopy
Airway stenting - The long journey from the past to the future
Challenging Cases in Interventional Bronchoscopy
Interventional Pulmonology Grand Round
Optimizing multidisciplinary management of benign tracheal stenosis
Lung volume reduction board
How to fight bugs in pleural effusion
Interstitial lung diseases board
A potpourri of pleural deeds
Malignant central airway obstruction - A multidisciplinary team approach
Education & training in interventional pulmonology - Round Table
Interventional bronchoscopy in obstructive airway diseases
Endoscopic ultrasound- From procedures to specimen handling
Rare or less recognized airway diseases
Safety issues in interventional pulmonology

3. Suitability of formats used during the event:
Was there adequate time available for discussions, questions & answers and learner engagement?*
Can you indicate any innovative elements during the activity?

4. Ways the event affects clinical practice:
Will the information you learnt be implemented in your practice?*
Can you provide ONE example how this event will influence your future practice?

5. Commercial bias:
Did all the faculty members provide their potential conflict of interest declaration with the sponsor(s) as a second slide of their presentation?*
Can you provide an example of biased presentation in this activity?
Can you provide an example of biased presentation in this activity?*