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The Croatian International Rhinosurgical Autumn School (CIRAS) was founded by Ranko Mladina, ENT specialist from Zagreb,Croatia in the year 1993.



The 1st CIRAS was organized in November1993. in Zagreb, Croatia, and was dedicated to FESS techniques. International faculty consisted of: Passali (Italy), Budrowich (Italy), and Podboj (Slovenia). There were some 60 participants, all fromCroatia. The official language was English and Croatian.The first CIRAS, November 1993. From left to right: Mladina (speaking), Krajina, Subotic, Passali, Budrovich, Gnjidic, Hat.


The 2nd CIRAS was organized in the year 1994. in Split,Croatia. It was a practical FESS course with lectures and live surgery. International faculty members were Dr. Goede and Dr.Gjuric (both from Germany). There were about 80 participants. The official languages were English and Croatian.


The 3rd CIRAS was organized next year (1995) in Osijek,Croatia. This town is located in the eastern part of Croatia, some thirty kilometers far away from the borderline to Serbia. It was held under the patronage of the War Clinical Hospital Osijek. Six patients were operated on by Mladina deep in the shelters during the three-day course. The threating thud of canons and bombs were the acoustic background all the time during the course. Official language was Croatian. In these circumstances it was just a whispered Croatian. Whispered in the dark. The only light was coming from the screen and endoscope. It was still a real war.


The 4th CIRAS was organized next year, i.e. in the1996 in Bjelovar, a small town some50 km fromZagreb. Faculty members from abroad were Dr. Dalesio (Italy), Dr. Anselmi (Italy) and Dr. Budrowich (Italy). Again, lectures and live surgery were organized for two days. There were some 60 people attending this course. The official languages were Croatian, Italian and English.


In the year 1997 the 5th CIRAS was organized in Slavonski Brod, a small town, almost at the borderline to Serbia. The international faculty members were Kern (USA), Klossek (France), Castelnuovo (Italy), Galioto (Italy) and Fabra (Spain). Klossek excused himself in the last moment because of illness. There were some 40 participants. The official language was Croatian, Italian and English, and the course had the auspices of ERS for the first time! There were lectures and live surgery sessions.


The 6th CIRAS was organized in the year1998. inZagreb. The international faculty members were Draf (Germany), Klossek (France), Fabra (Spain) Castelnuovo (Italy), Galioto (Italy), Nicolai (Italy) and Biagini (Italy). The course lasted for two days, consisted of lectures and live-surgery and collected about 40 participants, one third of them fromItaly, two fromCzech Republic, and three fromSlovenia. The official languages were Croatian, English and Italian.


The 7th CIRAS was predicted and completely organized for September 1999, with the international faculty consisting of Bellussi (Italy), Benninger (USA), Kennedy (USA), Kern (USA), Klossek (France), Kotby (Egypt), Kozlov (Russia), Lopatin (Russia), Mann (Germany), McDonald (USA), Nolst Trenite (The Netherlands), Park (Korea), Passali (Italy), Rettinger (Germany), Tardy (USA) and Tos (Denmark), with Huizing (The Netherlands) as  a guest of honor.


Unfortunately, because of war escalations in the region of Kosovo andSouth Serbia, and NATO attacks to these regions, practically all predicted members of the stuff gave up in the same day, mostly because of understandable fear to go for the meeting in such a dangerous geographical zone. Because of that reason, this CIRAS was cancelled in the last moment. It was more than 80 persons registered, from Seattle to Philippines!


So, the meeting has been reorganized and therefore reshaped next year, i.e. in the year 2000. It was held inZagreb. Besides Mladina as the founder and several years lasting director of the course, Castelnuovo (at that time coming fromPavia,Italy) was appointed as a co-director, and Desiderio Passali (Siena,Italy) was appointed as Honorary President of the whole School. International faculty members were as follows: Castelnuovo (Italy), Fibbi (Italy), Galioto (Italy), Huizing (The Netherlands), McDonald (USA), Passali (Italy), Poletti (Italy), Rettinger (Germany) and Tos (Denmark). Besides the lectures, live-surgery sessions were organized as well. There were 4 cadaver dissection sessions organized as well. There were more than 60 people attending the meeting. The official languages were English, Croatian and Italian. Auspices of ERS again!


In the year 2001 the 8th CIRAS was organized, again inZagreb. This time CIRAS was dedicated to rhinosurgical and neurosurgical approaches to sellar and parasellar regions. The international faculty consisted of Barbieri (Italy), Bellussi (Italy), Biagini (Italy) Bignami (Italy), Castelnuovo (Italy), Galioto (Italy), Locatelli (Italy), Mann (Germany), Mira (Italy), Pareschi (Italy), Passali D. (Italy), Passali G.C (Italy), Poletti (Italy), Puxeddu (Italy),  Onerci (Turkey) and  Wolf (Austria).


There were more than 80 participants, one third fromItaly, several colleagues from Slovenia, and a lot of neurosurgeons. The official languages were English, Italian and Croatian.


In the year 2002 the 9th CIRAS was organized in Zagreb as a framework for the 2nd International Consensus Conference on Nasal Polyposis. The international faculty members were as follows: Clement (Belgium), Castelnuovo (Italy), Kawauchi  (Japan), Kern ( Mayo, Rochester, USA), Kozlov (Russia), Lacroix (Switzerland), Lopatin ( Russia), Lund ( U.K), Mann (Germany),      Nicolai (Italy), Onerci (Turkey), Ponikau (Mayo,Rochester,USA), Scadding  (UK), Setliff (Sioux Falls, South Dakota,  USA),  Sood (India),   Stierna (Sweden), van Cauwenberge (Belgium). This meeting collected more than 80 participants. There were some participants from abroad (Italy,Czech Republic,Slovenia). Auspices of ERS.


Finally, on May 4th, during the conclusive session, with the majority of more than 80% of votes, the International Society for Nasal Polyposis was established. Mladina was elected for the first president, P.A.R: Clement for the President Elect, and Lopatin for the Secretary General of the new society. It was agreed that the next conference of the International Consensus Conference on Nasal Polyposis will be held inBrussels in the year 2004.


In the year 2005 the 10th CIRAS has been organized within the frames of the IFOS Congress in Rome, Italy. Prof. Passali invited CIRAS to take place for its 10th jubilee as a part of the World Congress.


The 11th CIRAS took place inZagreb,Croatia, in the year 2006. Besides participants from Croatia andItaly there were also ENT specialists and residents from Russia,Bulgaria and Bosnia and Hercegovina. International Faculty members were as follows: Papavassilou (Greece), Varini (Italy), Negm (Egypt), Kamel (Egypt), Castelnuovo (Italy), Mann (Germany) and Lopatin (Russia). Auspices of ERS.


In the year 2007 CIRAS has been extended into CITRAS (in fact the 12th CIRAS) (Croato-Italian-Turkish-Rhinologic-Advanced-School) since Turkish colleagues joined CIRAS and overtook organization. They organized CITRAS meeting in Bodrum,Turkey, April 21-25, 2007. under the auspices of ERS. Faculty members were Claus Bachert (Belgium), Luisa Bellussi (Italy), Roger Jankowsky (France), Jean Michel Klossek (France), Silvain Lacroix (Switzerland), Wolf Mann (Germany), Ranko Mladina (Croatia), Desiderio Passali (Italy), Francesco Passali (Italy), Carl Synderman (USA), Bülent Karcý (Turkey), Cemal Cingi (Turkey), Kemal Deger (Turkey) and Metin Onerci (President of CITRAS).


The next derivate of CIRAS was  International Expertise on Selected Items in Rhinology (IESRT), organized by Roger Jankowsky in Nancy, France, December 2-4 2008 under the auspices of ERS, IRS, French ORL Society and CITFRAS (Croato-Italian-Turkish-French Rhinosurgical Advanced School).


Since CIRAS changed name after Francein IESRT, we decided to continue good practice and tradition with the old, internationally well known name and brand CIRAS and therefore we have organized the 13th CIRAS again at home, here in Croatia. It was held in June 2010 and was dedicated to reconstructive surgery of the nasal septum and pyramid. The course consisted of lectures, live surgery sessions and, of course, of hands-on sessions using the animal model: lamb’s head. The International Faculty was as follows: Apaydin Fazil (Izmir,Turkey), Gendeh Balwanth (Kuala Lumpur, Maleysia), Heppt Werner (Karlsruhe,Germany), Kern Eugene B. (Buffalo,USA), Mesbahi Alireza (Shiraz,Iran), Sousa Vieira Antonio (Porto,Portugal), Wang De Yun (Singapore) and Wogt Klaus (Germany). From this very year CIRAS got a great honor from the ERS: the permanent ERS auspices!



The Doctor-to-Doctor manual entitled ENDONASAL ENDOSCOPIC ORBITAL DECOMPRESSION, written by Mladina and published by Karl Storz, has been officially presented (available in Croatian, English, Russian, Italian).


The 14th CIRAS has been organized in the year2011 inZagreb. It was dedicated to the endoscopic surgery of the paranasal sinuses and skull base. There were Prof. Castelnuovo (Varese,Italy), Prof. Vicente (Manila, The Philippines) and Dr. Matti Penttila (Tampere,Finland) as foreign guests. A new Doctor-to-Doctor manual, written by Mladina and collaborators, has been presented: ENDOSCOPIC SURGICAL ANATOMY OF THE LAMB’S HEAD, published by Karl Storz. The course consisted as always of lectures, live surgery transmissions and hands-on dissections on the lamb’s head. Karl Storz has presented their new product, very useful for this type of dissections on animal model: Mladina’s head holder.



There were participant from all Bashkortostan,Russia,Romania,Hungary, England, Sweden, Greece, Poland, Albania, Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina etc.


The 15th CIRAS has been organized in the year2012 in Zagreb. That was the biggest event till now.The international faculty was as follows Andrey Lopatin (Moscow, Russia), António Sousa Vieira(Boavista, Portugal),Caius Codrut Sarafoloeanu, (Romania),Cemal Cingi  (Eskisehir, Turkey), Claudiu Manea (Romania), David Kennedy (Philadelphia, USA), Desiderio Passali (Rome, Italy), Fazil Apaydin (Izmir, Turkey),Frederick Wong (Hong Kong, China), Gilbert Nolst Trenite (The Netherlands),Gorazd Poje (Croatia), Gordon Soo (Hong Kong, China), Hideyuki Kawauchi (Izumo city, Japan), Katarina Vukovic Duric  (Croatia), Luisa Bellussi (Italy), Marcel Marjanovic Kavanagh (Croatia), Martin Jurlina (Croatia), Paolo Castelnuovo (Varese, Italy), Peter Ku (Hong Kong, China), Peter W. Hellings (Leuven, Belgium), Philippe Eloy (Yvoir, Belgium), Pontus Stierna (Sweden), Ranko Mladina (Croatia), Ratko Prstacic (Croatia), Tomislav Caric (Croatia), Vladimir Kozlov (Moscow, Russia). The course consisted as always of lectures, live surgery transmissions and hands-on dissections on the lamb’s head.


The 16th CIRAS has been organized in the year2013 in Zagreb. The Faculty members were Peter Tomažić (Austria), James Palmer (USA), Narayanan (Malaysia), Bojan Lanišnik (Slovenia),  Gorazd Poje (Croatia), Katarina Vuković Durić  (Croatia), Leunig (Germany), Marcel Marjanović Kavanagh (Croatia), Martin Jurlina (Croatia),  Ranko Mladina (Croatia). The course consisted as always of lectures, live surgery transmissions and hands-on dissections on the lamb’s head.

This first class International Course was performed again under the permanent auspices of the European Rhinologic Society (ERS), and this time also under the patronage of the Ministry of Health, Republic of Croatia. The 16th CIRAS was granted by 12 credit CME points (ECMEC) by the European Accreditation Council for the Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).